Let’s turn some heads!

Something seriously missing in the workwear scene
No doubt, when engaging in any craft, the golden rule is all about keeping it safe. Choosing the right workwear that suits the task at hand is essential. But let's be real, safety gear isn't always the comfiest or the most stylish. 

But why? Why can't we look good while we're at it? After all, it's something we wear almost every day. As a professional in woodturning I decided to create a functional yet elegant smock for women, something seriously missing in the workwear scene.

Tailored workwear
I sat down with my friend and fashion designer Dick van der Vlies of Label DVDV (Rotterdam) and together we designed a smock to the smallest detail that ticks all the boxes in workwear for woman in woodturning, ceramics or other crafts. Dick makes every smock completely by hand in his atelier in Rotterdam.

Picture this: a cool blue, minimalist sturdy canvas smock with slick lines. The raglan shoulders make a perfect fit for everyone. Slightly shorter sleeves with broad elastic bands prevent a nasty sleeve catch while turning. Side splits for total freedom of movement, plus a slightly longer back panel to keep your backside covered. With a large front pocket designed vertically to keep the wood shavings out, and you can zip it up with a high collar. 

We start with 2 sizes:
• Size 1: fits EU sizes 36-40
• Size 2: fits EU sizes 40-44

The first batch is ready to be sent to Norway, Ireland, USA, England, Switzerland and in the Netherlands. Only a few items are still available. If you missed out, the second batch will be produced as of January. You are welcome to pre-order.

Let’s turn some heads!