About me

Sparked by stories, that’s where I start. An intriguing design commission, working together with fellow makers or just by looking closely at the world around. Being an art director for many years I told big stories through design. Now, as a product designer and maker, the same aesthetic and problem solving skills are finely honed in handmade wooden objects with more personal stories to tell. The fusion of functionality and play is central to my form language. I construct tall, sturdy silhouettes using smaller elements, resulting in functional objects that ignite people’s curiosity about the underlying narrative.

‘Product designer Marisa Klaster’s monolithic wooden sculptures, on the other hand, are functional objects built by stacking smaller components one over the other. The fusion of function and play in Klaster’s works urges the viewer’s curiosity.’
Embassies of Design, 2023

High Voltage Spots
Designed and handmade for Getaway Deluxe