The love for the forest - with it’s tall trees, their numerous colours and slightly demp smells - that’s possibly why I work with solid wood. Mostly Ash, Maple, Sycamore and Oak. What I love about wood is that it brings the outdoors indoors and becomes more beautiful when used. It get’s softer and colours are fading into more subtle shades. Every piece has it’s unique character. When turned on the lathe or constructed into furniture, it’s always a surprise what difficulties you may have to deal with but most of all what beauty lies beneath. And if a piece gets broken… wood can always be restored.

Over 25 years of experience as an art director are now put into use in the design of contemporary wooden furniture and table accessories. Combined with the education as a furniture maker and woodturner - although still learning every day and far from experienced - all products are designed and made with dedicated craftmanship. There’s nothing better than working with my hands.

Next to the love of the woods, cooking takes up a lot of our time. Functional items for storage and food were a natural choice to get into. A dinner table with handmade wooden bowls, grinders, glasses and more. Filled with delicious food of course. Key in my work is simplicity with a roundness to it’s shapes. Always looking for a way to add some graphics - in either colours or patterns - integrates unintentionally my graphic roots.

The workshop - het_houtlokaal - is located in the heart of Rotterdam, amidst the lively atmosphere of shops, restaurants and people from all over the world.
Marisa Klaster