product care

wood with character

every item in this online shop is unique and entirely handmade. please enjoy the natural variations and irregularities that wood provides. if treated with reasonable care your item will last for a long time.


everything I make will have one or more layers of finish applied. for non coloured items I mostly use oil and / or lacquer:

  • danish oil gives a durable finish and provides good protection against occasional moisture;
  • lemon oil is water resistant and gives your item a beautiful fresh lemon smell;
  • Treatex hard wax provides a long lasting and durable water repellent finish.
care & cleaning

wood reacts to fluctuations in light and humidity. changes in colour and shape are a result of a natural process and daily use. avoid exposure to liquids and heat. never put the item in a dishwasher and avoid submerging it in water. a wipe down with a damp soapy cloth is the recommended method of cleaning.

refresh your item every now and then

items finished with oil can be refreshed every few months or as required to keep them nourished and looking at their best. simply apply a thin coat of food safe oil and allow it to absorb overnight. in the morning buff off any excess with a soft cloth. this will result in a lovely satin finish. due to possible food allergies, I advise danish oil, lemon oil or corn oil. do not use vegetable or olive oils as these may turn rancid, imparting an unpleasant smell and taste on items served in your piece.

safety notes

if you are the happy owner of the candle plate with the Ester & Erik candle holder, I recommend to use the Ester & Erik candles that are non-drip, self extinguishing and burn with a beautiful steady flame provided they aren't exposed to draft. if you use other candles, change your candle before it’s fully burnt out. this is not only safe but will also prevent the candle wax to drip all over your item. the section beneath the candle holder is treated with Alfastop fr-OBHs, a environment / health safe fire retardant.