Made in Scotland

How to capture this big adventure in a blog; living and working in Scotland for a while was epic. Rob and I stayed at an old stone cottage in Blackadder amidst ancient forests, beaches, rivers and hills dotted with sheep. Endless stunning nature where your mind wanders freely without obligations. Clean fresh air to breath in on long walks. Dark and soundless starry nights. And the local pub filled with welcoming strangers. I just fell in love with the Scots and their land.

Real Wood Studios
But I came to work there. Real Wood Studios - a group of fellow woodworking professionals - invited me to set up my lathe at their workplace. They have their own saw mill and kiln to slow dry locally sourced wood; mostly elm, spalted beech, oak, sycamore and lime. The Borders Forest Trust holds office on the same spot. Altogether quite an inspiring circular set-up.

Hanging vase
During my residence there, I designed a hanging vase. A tall dark hollow form with a pointed bottom. Amphorae were mostly filled with wine and stood on their points in soft ground. This vase can be filled with water and mounted on the wall with flowers hanging almost all the way to the floor. I call it Bhàsa Mòhr. Scots Gaelic is hardly spoken nowadays, but I like the old sound. My work linking the past to the future.