Candle plate with Ester & Erik candle holder


Handmade wooden candle plate in sycamore combined with a beautiful Ester & Erik silver candle holder. The large plate can be used for food and flowers or style it with little treasures you found on the beach. The shiny silver candle holder is especially made for self-extinguishing Ester & Erik candles.

Every candle plate in this series is slightly different in shape and size. Finished with Skylt, an invisible ultramat lacquer for protection. Marked with our stamp and gift wrapped in a beautiful white cotton bag.

Each product is unique and made with dedicated craftmanship. Please enjoy the natural variations and irregularities that natural materials provide. Wood reacts to fluctuations in light, humidity. Changes in color and shape are a result of a natural process and daily use. 

Please use candles safely! We advise you to change candles before they are fully burnt out. That's not only smart but will also prevent the candle wax to dripp all over your item. The Ester & Erik candles are self-extinguishing candles burn with a beautiful steady flame and are non-drip, provided they aren't exposed to draft. 

Candle plate: approx. 1 cm in height and 28 cm in diameter
Candle holder: 2,5 cm in height and 6 cm in diameter

Tableware purchased online are stored at our workshop in Rotterdam and will be sent 1-3 days after your order is made.