Vase Charlois 02

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This vase is made of a heavy root piece of a pollard willow in Charlois (Rotterdam), saved by the Stadsboswachter and hand turned into a unique object by Marisa Klaster. Part of the charm is the irregularity, the different structures and that every side of this vase is completely different. The vase is finished with triple layers of Danish oil for protection and shine.

Unique handmade bowls
Rotterdam is full of beautiful trees. But sometimes a tree has to be cut down due to an illness, possible danger or construction work. To prevent these trees to get completely shredded, I turn some hand picked pieces into high quality items - each with their own story to tell. Items that will last for a long time.

A second life for your own tree?
Do you have a tree that has to go? Let's make some tableware as a reminder. You can send your request to