Working with José Luis Bazàn

An Instagram collab in leather and wood

José Luis Bazàn is a third generation leather artisan who lives and works in Benaocaz (Cádiz), Spain. Inspired by his work on Instagram, I started following him and vice versa. There our conversation began. He is an absolute master in creating contemporary leather objects for everyday use and worked for clients like Loewe and Vuitton. José is inspired by nature that surrounds him. His technique is Ahormado - a centuries old tradition gathered from the ancestors - combined with innovative techniques. So when José suggested to make something together, I was really really honoured.

Our connection I think we find in the fact that there is a similarity in our work. Inspired by nature, the use of strong colours and creating functional objects in honest materials. He made two beautiful leather bowls first – one in matt black, the other in perforated brown – and send them to me by post. Then – with these bowls literally next to my lathe – I designed and turned a perfect fitting lid which can be used as a bowl as well. One lid is made of plain sycamore, the other is hand painted (Calvados brown).

These first two sets are available online soon or you can send your special request via Instagram to @joseluisbazan. New colours will be added regularly. We’re thinking bright blue, tomato red or maybe a soft pastel? This is our first product and we’re already exchanging ideas for a second piece. 

Portrait of José Luis Bazàn by Sanna Pozzoli

‘We gaan samen iets maken’

Dat was eind 2018. Twee bevlogen houtdraaiers/ontwerpers - Suzan Doornbos en ik - planden een eerste weekend om te brainstormen. Eerst in Nijmegen waar Suzan werkt in haar atelier in de Smeltkroes. Daarna in Rotterdam waar ik mijn werkplaats heb. En zo volgden er meer. Nijmegen. Rotterdam. Nijmegen... Schetsen, modellen draaien en testen. Vaak maakten we grote stappen. Soms moesten we een stap terug zetten. En nu is het zo ver. Repeat is een feit.

repeat is een collectie producten ontworpen vanuit één basisvorm. Door deze te stapelen ontstaan er verrassende objecten. Beide handschriften zijn hierin verenigd. Suzan houdt van eenvoud, minimalistisch design en kunstobjecten. Mijn werk is altijd functioneel – voor op tafel of in huis – en van een stoere elegantie.

klaster x doornbos presenteert vol trots de eerste producten: de trommel, het potje met deksel en de eierset met peper- en zoutvaatje.

To be repeated...